Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekly Layout

I have to admit that this has been a fun challenge to get at least a layout done a week. This one is actually for last week, I am just now finding the time to upload. I did another that I will hopefully post tomorrow, and I have another layout in the works. I am caught up now, though - it is the 4th week of the month and I have 4 layouts done. I'm hoping to get a new printer here in the next couple of weeks as well, and that way I can print my own pictures. The printer I have right now just doesn't cut it. Once I don't have to pick out my photos, upload them to Costco, and then go and pick them up, it will be a lot better. And Costco has done a horrible job on the last 2 orders I made, anyway!! I'm also really excited because I bought Photoshop Elements 6 today - it was $30 off at Costco this week. I'm going to try and get familiar with it - and then maybe I can stitch my scans together better so I don't get these layouts that look curved when I upload them. I'll also have this layout for sale in my Scrapifieds store soon - hopefully this week.

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